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dark romance

I thought I had everything I could possibly desire. Until I set my eyes on her. My angel. Too pure for this world, too pure for me. She’s all mine. No matter the cost. No matter the lives that stand in my way. She has always been mine. She just doesn’t know it yet.

My brother has lost it, more so than ever before. I couldn’t figure out what had changed at first. One look at her though, and it all made sense. He gave me one job, protect his girl, a girl he’s never even spoken to. I held true to my promise and then some. I didn’t mean to kiss her, to touch her. One thing is for sure, though. I’m not losing her, even if I have to go through my brother to have her.

Jagged Harts got a new look!

I’m a survivor. A fighter down to my blood. I need the release that comes when I step in that octagon, I crave it.
I spent too long being beat down and broken in every sense of the word, and I almost didn’t make it.
Fighting saved me though and then I saved myself.
When I am offered a full ride scholarship to a college in the middle of nowhere Alabama over 2000 miles away, I grab the chance with both hands and run like hell.
What I didn’t expect to find when I got there was a local underground brawler that has more likeness to a local celebrity than the arrogant broody bastard who seems to be everywhere I turn.
Dax Hart.
Every man wants to be him, and every woman wants to be under him.
Except for me.
I have no intention of getting caught up with the short tempered sexy as sin asshole.
Even if his broken jagged pieces are a mirror image of mine.


This version of Jagged Harts also includes an extended epilogue that is exclusive to this version as well as the alternate cover.

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